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Input Automation was formed in 1986 for the initial purpose of selling and supporting barcode equipment to companies that were rapidly adopting that technology for their business operations. By listening to our customers and anticipating their needs, we began providing software solutions and developed our own in-house software development capabilities. More and more, our clients needed custom software solutions to their unique business problems.

As our journey progressed, so did our software technology. In the early 90s, we launched our ‘OnTrack’ product – a Microsoft Access based asset tracking system. We installed over 100 custom solutions, many of which are still in use today. In the mid 90s, we moved our database onto the Microsoft SQL Server platform and never looked back.

Soon, our software incorporated mission critical components – order entry, inventory management, invoicing and deposits. We incorporated this functionality into our Total Package product, which we released in 2000. Many of our clients were using and continue to use Quickbooks for their core financial functions, but due to data volume or custom needs, used Total Package to run their core business operations. Since Total Package integrates with QuickBooks, the two products worked together so that data entry was not duplicated and a very efficient system resulted. Our customers were able to keep their QuickBooks, which they knew and liked, but worked around its weaknesses.

Today, our technology is embodied in our Kardia software product, which is built entirely on the Microsoft .Net platform and utilizes both a traditional ‘thick client’ architecture as well as ‘thin client’, web based components. Kardia continues our commitment to sophisticated, custom solutions at a fraction of the cost of the high end systems.

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